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This year my son joined his first soccer team.  Every Saturday morning, rain or shine we venture out to the pitch to watch all the wee ones run about the field.  Michael loves his team but has not yet found a love for the sport.  We do hope it will develop over time as I do love the game and I feel there are many life lessons he will learn on and off the pitch. 

This Saturday was a little different.  No soccer as we received an email warning of extreme weather conditions and a suggestion to cancel the game.  So we all went along with the advice and decided a day ahead to cancel.  I am still not sure where or why there was an extreme weather warning but I guess the lesson I learned this weekend was to always double check the weather forcast when thinking of cancelling a game: It would have been the perfect weather on Saturday for the little ones to play.  Well there is always next weekend!

Speaking of next weekend; Great Sale on all soccer apparel and sorts.  I wanted to pass this along so everyone can take advantage of these great deals. 

Happy Shopping!